Most manufacturing companies strive to implement safety protocols that protect their employees from preventable injuries or accidents. However, there are many ways in which companies can improve in this critically important area. With intense and fast-paced scheduling demands, many employees often experience feelings of fatigue and burnout on the job. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of employers to take proactive safety measures within the workplace.

Here are some ways in which your company can improve workplace safety, both efficiently and effectively:

Require Regular Breaks

Your employees’ productivity is not the result of endless hours of work – it’s the result of high energy levels and ability to focus. It’s not enough to simply encourage 15-minute breaks throughout the workday. You must require them. Having a policy in place that requires employees to step away from their workstations throughout the day will allow them to continue performing at their optimal level, and most importantly, reduce the risk of workplace accidents caused by fatigue or distractions. If there isn’t always time for a 15-minute break, opt to have your employees take frequent “micro-breaks” – which are two-minute breaks to stand up, stretch and remove themselves from their tasks.

Establish Standard Safety Procedures

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s important to establish standard safety procedures for your employees. This policy should document how employees should respond in the event of a crisis or emergency so that unexpected situations are handled in the safest way possible. Along these same lines, employees should be properly trained and educated about operating large pieces of machinery or equipment; handling hazardous waste and maintaining sanitary procedures.

Promote a Culture of Safety

Despite taking formalized measures to prevent workplace accidents, it’s the culture you promote that can have a significant impact on safety. It’s important to encourage employees to minimize their own distractions and watch each other’s backs if a distraction is observed. Empowering your employees to remind each other about safety protocols on a daily basis will help to keep everyone focused and vigilant about preventing unsafe work conditions or distractions.

Regardless of how busy your manufacturing floor may be, safety should always be the top priority. Integrating the practices above within your organization serves as an investment not only in the successful functioning of your organization but in the health and well-being of your employees.

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