With competition for workers on the rise, the need for manufacturing warehouses to attract and retain high-quality talent has never been more important. Though “workplace wellness” and “work-life balance” may seem like buzz words, integrating these concepts within your company culture can reap many benefits for your bottom line and employee retention. In general, companies that invest in a workplace fostering health and happiness will have greater levels of productivity and employee engagement.

Creating a work environment in which your employees can feel their healthiest both mentally and physically is essential. As you reflect on this for your own company, here are some key areas to focus on for creating a healthy workplace.

Physical Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

In any workplace, especially a manufacturing setting, the safety of your workers’ physical environment is critical. This involves making sure your employees are not exposed to hazardous waste at their worksite; having separate spaces for employees to take breaks; and offering a clean, sanitary space for employees to perform their work. Taking these environmental measures to reduce risk of harmful accidents will naturally reduce employees’ stress on the job and create a culture of safety.

Employee Wellness

A significant part of building a healthy work environment starts with employee wellness. Employees are your biggest asset and having a sustained health and wellness plan will ultimately reduce sick leave and incidence of workplace accidents. You can encourage health and wellness right at your workplace through initiatives such as weekly yoga sessions or evening runs. These types of onsite activities promote a healthy lifestyle, while also encouraging teamwork and employee bonding.

Mental and Emotional Support

It’s normal at times for employees’ personal issues or emotions to be brought up in the workplace. Demonstrating compassion and support to employees going through a difficult time will show you care about their personal well-being. While you certainly don’t have to handhold an employee for an entire day, a small note or gesture can go a long way in showing you care about your people, and not just your company’s success.

Practicing the tips above will lay the foundation for a healthy and supportive work environment in which all employees can thrive. Through meaningful action and decision-making, you can create a workplace that retains driven and committed workers for years to come.

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