Despite the stress and anxiety brought on by the job search, there is a certain element of predictability that comes along with the interviewing process. Many job-seekers who have been on a number of interviews come to expect the most common types of questions asked by employers, helping them better prepare for potentially challenging interview situations in the future.

While there are many common interview questions, one of the most frequently asked questions tends to be “What is your greatest weakness?” For obvious reasons, this can be a very difficult and overwhelming question. No candidate really wants to tell an interviewer about their greatest weakness, especially as they seek to showcase what makes them most qualified for a job. However, this type of question comes up time and time again, leaving interviewees caught off guard and stumbling for the right response.

As you consider how to answer this question, it may be tempting to disguise a strength as a weakness. For example, you may say, “I’m too much of a perfectionist at work” or “I am so ambitious that sometimes I overwork myself.” The reality is that these types of answers have become so mainstream that they sound clichéd to employers. You should also avoid denying that you have any weaknesses, as this could make you appear arrogant, untruthful, or lacking self-awareness.

It’s best to approach this question by discussing a weakness that you’ve worked hard to improve upon. For example, you may answer by saying, “I haven’t always been the best at time management, but managing my school work and part-time job has allowed me to significantly improve my time management skills.” Providing this type of example and describing a specific action that has allowed you to remedy your weakness shows the interviewer that you’re proactive in improving yourself – which in turn reflects positively on you as a candidate.

Using the strategy outlined above and being genuine in how you discuss your greatest weakness can undoubtedly affect how you’re perceived by an interviewer. Being prepared to conquer this question head on will set you up for interview success, even under the most difficult of circumstances.

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