As the new year gets underway, many companies continue striving to improve recruiting and retention efforts. Many leaders know that their warehouse productivity is directly related to the quality of their workforce, which is why taking steps to attract the most talented candidates to your organization is so crucial for long-term success. With more millennials pursuing jobs in light industrial and manufacturing fields, it’s time to consider new ways of attracting top workers to your warehouse.

Here are some strategies for improving your company’s recruitment and hiring efforts.

Improve Engagement and Communication

Studies continue to show that the most successful recruitment programs actively engage and communicate with candidates. This requires that you not only promote jobs themselves, but also the cultural aspects of your organization and how you add value to your employees’ lives. This approach helps your hiring team find candidates who are best suited to contribute to your company’s overall mission and purpose. Millennial workers are especially known to seek company cultures that connect with them on a more personal level. By making engagement and communication a priority (especially on online channels), you can increase awareness of your organization to younger candidates, showing them that your workplace is one in which every employee is valued for his or her talents and abilities.

Stay Current and Embrace Modern Technology

In today’s world, you simply can’t expect to attract top talent without embracing modern technology in your recruitment – especially if you want to appeal to millennial workers. Using the latest software and hardware in your recruitment strategies is important for reaching a broader range of candidates and educating them about opportunities at your organization. Whether it’s by using targeted job board sites or implementing a more advanced online application platform, investing in newer technologies is sure to improve your recruiting and hiring outcomes.

Leverage Employee Referrals

Sometimes the best talent can come from your current workforce. Activating your existing employees to help you find new workers can be one of the easiest ways to find highly qualified candidates. You can establish a structured employee referral program with incentives or simply encourage your team to refer potential candidates to your job openings. Because your existing employees are already immersed in your organization, they generally will have the best idea as to what type of candidates may be the best fits for your culture.

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