The coming of a new year can mean many things for companies – including new goals, new opportunities and new positions that need to be filled. While it may seem overwhelming to plan ahead, the success of your company in the new year depends on your ability to take strategic steps in the right direction. In 2017, we outlined in our blog many of the important ways in which you can improve your organization from within, including eliminating time wasters affecting your bottom line; conducting quarterly reviews; and attracting top talent to your workforce.

Let’s do a quick review of how each of these concepts should be addressed as you plan for the new year.

In terms of keeping productivity levels high, it’s essential to reduce time wasters in your workplace. Some of the most common time wasters include unnecessary meetings and conference calls; outdated processes; and workplace drama. Evaluating what time wasters pervade your organization and taking action to reduce them is the first step to improving productivity. One of the ways in which you can identify the most prevalent time wasters in your workplace is by surveying employees about the greatest barriers they face in getting their work done. Getting feedback straight from the source will give you the most critical information to move forward in making sustainable change.

Along the lines of communicating with employees, it’s also important to conduct regular reviews of their performance. Conducting quarterly performance reviews will allow you to deliver ongoing feedback to your employees and help them improve upon their weaknesses – before poor performance becomes habitual. Some best practices for employee performance reviews include setting goals and expectations for employees in advance; providing informal feedback; and offering praise whenever possible. If you aren’t doing so already, implementing performance reviews in 2018 presents a great opportunity to build stronger relationships with your employees and help them reach their own professional goals.

Last, but certainly not least, much of your organizational success is derived by the talent you employ. There’s always room to improve your recruiting and hiring process. Some of the best ways you can attract top talent are by being transparent with your hiring process; highlighting your company’s culture; and sharing the vision of your organization with candidates. The more you can showcase the benefits of being part of your organization, the greater success you’ll have in attracting the most talented and driven individuals to your workforce.

There’s no denying that achieving optimal organizational outcomes does not happen overnight. However, incorporating the practices above as you gear up for the new year can be impactful in achieving key business goals and growing your workforce.

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