Every boss has a different management style and way of overseeing employees. Unfortunately, micromanagement is a very prevalent management style among many bosses which generally does not go over well with most employees. Even when it’s done with the best intentions, micromanagement can create substantial issues within the workplace, reducing productivity and causing unnecessary stress and tension within your organization. Regardless of how much or little you micromanage your team, it’s time to do some self-reflection and think about how you can positively adjust your management abilities. Here are some steps you can take today:

Prioritize What Matters (and What Doesn’t)

Prioritizing can significantly reduce your need to micromanage every task and project. It’s essential that you determine which tasks are most important so you can strategically manage your employees’ activities – without becoming entrenched in every single detail. Once you prioritize employees’ tasks and their deadlines, you can assign them to each of your employees accordingly.

Communicate Clearly and Concisely

Many micromanagers are constantly involved in back-and-forth communication with their employees, often communicating much more than needed. The key to reducing micromanagement is to communicate clearly and concisely when handing off assignments to your employees. Making sure they understand expectations and deadlines up front will eliminate a lot of unnecessary phone calls and emails, as well as reduce confusion and interruptions that would otherwise occur due to lack of proper communication.

Be Reasonable

When supervising employees, think about how reasonable you are with your requests. If you’re always asking your team to complete tasks outside the scope of their responsibilities, your employees will quickly lose respect for you and feel that you’re taking advantage of them. One of the best things you can do to reduce micromanagement is to be fair when delegating and know what types of jobs are reasonable for each employee. If you’ve been out of control with requests lately, it’s time to use better judgment!

Micromanagement is a difficult habit to break, but with the right focus, you’ll be able to improve your management skills and create a better work environment for your employees. What’s most important is that you take steps now to reverse micromanagement’s negative effects in your organization.

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