Most organizations know that productivity is heavily dependent on employee performance. Therefore, your employees’ commitment to arriving to work each day on time, is critical to your bottom line. You simply can’t manage a highly functioning organization without a system to hold employees accountable for meeting the expectations of their work schedules. In addition to the obvious factor of establishing set arrival and attendance policies, there are many inexpensive ways to motivate your employees to maintain punctuality. Here are some ideas you may want to implement at your organization.

Provide Scheduling Flexibility

Some people by nature are just not morning people, while some feel their worst during the late afternoon. Giving your employees some flexibility regarding their schedules can help to ensure they arrive on time for their shifts, energized and fully focused to be productive. When your employees have the freedom to choose when they work, they will also be more motivated to perform at their greatest potential because they’ll feel their best. An easy reward that costs nothing, offering flexibility can do wonders in shifting employees’ attitudes on the job and increasing the productivity over your organization.

Praise and Recognition

Even though your employees are expected to show up on time, showing some verbal praise and recognition can go a long way to keep them motivated. You can acknowledge timeliness by publicly recognizing employees at meetings; this not only builds morale, but sends a positive message to everyone about the importance of arriving on time. To make this reward most effective, acknowledge only the employees who consistently show up early for their shifts.

Offer Company-Wide Incentives

Sometimes company-wide incentives hold employees most accountable, as they will be dependent on each other for a reward. Consider tracking the timeliness of each employee for a period of one month. If every employee manages to arrive on time throughout the entire month, reward everyone with a fun lunch or ice cream social. A company-wide incentive will promote a culture of teamwork and give all your employees a common goal to achieve together.

Motivating your employees to arrive on time and ready for work each day is no easy feat. However, implementing the ideas above will demonstrate to them the importance of timeliness, as well as enhance the culture of your organization.

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