It’s no surprise that the daily stresses and rigors of the workplace can often leave you feeling fatigued. However, if you frequently find yourself on your second cup of coffee before noon hits, it’s probably time to evaluate your lifestyle and improve your energy levels. Many people notice a distinct decline in their energy during the middle of the day – usually around two o’ clock – while others may feel sluggish in the morning or late afternoon. Regardless of when fatigue hits you, there are steps you can take to feel less tired during the work day and more productive. Here are some top strategies to fight workplace fatigue and get your physical and mental health back into high gear:

Limit Caffeine Intake

Though it may be hard to imagine going through the day without two or three cups of coffee, your body will thank you for not overdoing it. While one cup of coffee before 2 p.m. can provide an initial energy boost to last throughout the day, additional caffeine will have the opposite effect – giving you just temporary boosts until you crash and feel terrible again. If you do feel the need to have some additional caffeine, consider drinking green tea instead of coffee. Green tea contains less caffeine and has countless health benefits, including better immunity and improved brain function.

Eat Healthy Throughout the Day

Fatigue at work is often a trigger for unhealthy eating, leading to poor lunch choices that will only make you feel more tired. Eating nutritious food will keep you alert during the day, especially when consumed in smaller portions. Consider replacing foods like pizza or a hamburger with a protein-filled spinach salad or grilled chicken sandwich. Eating more nutrient-dense foods will fuel your body and give you sustained energy, instead of the crash and burn effect of a sugar binge. You’ll also want to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and help your body maintain its optimal state.

Move Around

One of the worst culprits of fatigue is being sedentary for too long. Regardless of how busy you may be, make sure to get away from your work station every hour and move around. Activities, like stretching and taking brief walks, can do wonders for your energy, mental focus and productivity. Physical movement is key to preventing fatigue and sleepiness before it takes over!

It’s common for many professionals to feel tired on occasion; however, constant fatigue at work is a sign it’s time to make some changes. By following the tips above, you’ll see your health improve, along with your work performance!

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