In the workplace, there are certain boundaries employers generally shouldn’t cross when recruiting candidates. However, with the rise of social media, it’s important to consider whether you should make candidates’ online activity a component to the screening purposes. According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 70% of employers are snooping candidates’ social media profiles! Sound extreme? Here are some advantages of social media screening, often referred to as “social recruiting.”

Finding Employees Who are Good cultural Fits

Reviewing social media profiles gives employers a direct view into the life of a candidate – allowing them to get an idea of whether the candidate would fit well within the company’s culture. Candid posts and photos on a candidate’s profile can say a lot about his or her character, which plays an important role in the hiring process. Using social media for this purpose can weed out candidates who may be poor cultural fits for your organization.

Value and Quality of Candidates’ Networks

Most employers want to hire individuals who are well-networked leaders in their industry. Employers often look to social media to see what type of content candidates post, as well as who they choose to connect and engage with online. Activity on social media is a direct reflection of a candidate’s behavior and qualifications, so this can help you gauge overall competence and professionalism.

Professional Qualifications

Professional networking sites like LinkedIn can indicate whether a candidate has certain qualifications to be considered for a particular job. Looking at candidates’ LinkedIn profiles can give you a close look into their background and education, in addition to any listed skills and professional references. Depending on what can be found, you may be inclined to either consider or dismiss a candidate based on his or her LinkedIn profile alone.

Effective hiring is essential to positive employee retention and your organization’s bottom line. In today’s day and age, you can’t afford not to screen your candidates on social media. In fact, you’ll likely find that social recruiting can be a huge asset to your hiring process – saving time, money and a whole lot of aggravation!

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