Employees often rely on their employers to provide training opportunities, rather put their professional growth in their own hands. With modern technology at your fingertips, you can access countless online tools to learn and acquire new skills throughout your career. Wondering where to look first? Here are three highly regarded online training sites to get you started:


Considered one of the most popular online learning platforms, Udemy is ideal for anyone who wants to add new skills to their resume or enhance their current skills. With thousands of online courses to choose from (both free and paid), Udemy gives users the flexibility to explore, learn and develop their interests without having to spend a fortune. In addition to professional development skills, the site offers courses that teach different types of computer or software skills – such as Microsoft Excel or Google Analytics. The best part is that Udemy makes learning fun and convenient, allowing users to learn at their own pace.


For those inspired by Ted Talks (short inspirational presentations by speakers on a variety of subjects), TED-Ed may be the perfect learning tool. TED-Ed is filled with hundreds of short motivational videos to make learning both fun and manageable. The site features videos on many different topics which are often accompanied by supplemental materials and quizzes to reinforce learning. Short videos on critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and time management are just some of the many lessons on TED-Ed to improve your soft skills in the workplace.

Harvard Extension

Harvard Extension features a large variety of free online education courses facilitated by Harvard only. If your online learning goals include receiving professional certifications, Harvard Extension has many options to help you grow your knowledge base and enhance your credentials. This online platform provides the perfect opportunity to take Ivy League coursework on your own schedule!

With so many online learning sites available, there’s no excuse for letting a lack of training prevent you from advancing your career. Use your time wisely and make online training part of your regular learning routine.

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