Despite efforts to keep productivity levels high, there are some common time wasters costing many companies thousands of dollars each year. And, while no business is productive 100% of the time, recognizing the biggest time wasters at your organization is the first step to improving your bottom line and improving efficiencies.

Check out these three common time wasters and how to minimize them for better productivity.

Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings are considered by many employees to be one of the biggest time wasters during the work day. Meetings that are scheduled too frequently or with no real purpose take up valuable time and energy. Make a point to only arrange meetings when absolutely necessary and establish a set agenda to keep the discussion on track.

Outdated Processes

In the era of advanced technology, it’s important to adapt new ways of processing information and recording company data. Wasting time with paper-based, manual processes takes a significant amount of time which can be better used on more efficient tasks. By conducting a close audit of your company’s current processes and evaluating areas of improvement, you can replace outdated processes with modern-day methods that will save your employees time and aggravation.

Workplace Drama

A certain degree of complaining and gossip occurs in every workplace, but too much negative energy among your employees can be very detrimental to productivity levels. To reduce the amount of distractions in your workplace, focus on developing team-building activities to encourage positive employee interactions and build a high level of morale throughout your organization.

Distractions and time-wasters will always be present, but evaluating areas of improvement is critical for your bottom line. Taking action to minimize time-wasters will increase productivity and inevitably enhance your organization’s culture – both things that also positively benefit your employees!

Is creating a productive workplace environment one of your top priorities?

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