While Thanksgiving is a time focused mostly on family and friends, why not use it as an opportunity to give thanks to your employees? Your employees work hard all year and deserve some recognition as the year soon comes to a close. Before the holidays get into full gear, consider how you can show your employees how much you appreciate them for their commitment to your organization.

Four Ways to Show Appreciation During the Thanksgiving Season

Sponsor a Potluck

What better way to show your appreciation than by throwing an early Thanksgiving themed feast? Your employees will love a potluck in which they can relax and enjoy one other’s company. Consider providing the turkey and have your employees bring their own favorite side dishes or desserts. Or, if you’re so inclined, treat your employees to an entire Thanksgiving meal cooked by your leadership team to really show them how much you appreciate them!

Organize a Fun Team Outing

As the end of year kicks in, many of your employees will start feeling more tired and stressed than usual. Treat your team to a fun outing during this busy time. Whether it’s a lunch or happy hour outside the office, or a trip to a local museum, this is a great way to foster engagement among your team while giving them a break from their typical workday routine.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Because your employees will likely be juggling many family commitments leading up to Thanksgiving, offering flexible scheduling at work during this time of year is one gesture your team will greatly appreciate. Whether it’s allowing them to pick morning or afternoon shifts, or providing the option to leave early on Fridays, flexible scheduling will give your employees more time to spend with friends and family before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Recognize Hard Work

Sometimes the simplest recognition can be the more impactful. Use this time of year to recognize employees for their achievements, expressing to them your gratitude for their service. Consider hosting a small lunch or awards ceremony in which you recognize individual employees with certificates or small gift cards to show your appreciation. This gives all your employees an opportunity to celebrate their hard work at the end of a busy and productive year.

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving present the ideal time to go the extra mile and show your employees how much they mean to you. Implementing one or more of the ideas above will boost your company’s morale and increase your employees’ job satisfaction as your organization embarks on a new year.

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