Any job interview is a prime opportunity to make a rock star first impression, and how you introduce yourself can play a significant role on how an employer perceives you as a potential member of their team. This means you must remember that your interview performance starts the minute you walk through the door. As interview jitters set in, many candidates fail to make sure they introduce themselves in the most positive way possible.

Being mindful of the tips below will ensure your introduction makes a long-lasting impression on an employer:

Be Friendly and Respectful to the Receptionist

In many circumstances, you will be greeted by a receptionist before meeting with the interviewer. If possible, greet the receptionist by name and introduce yourself in a friendly and polite manner. For example, you may say, “My name is Jason Smith and I have an interview scheduled with John Carter at 10 a.m.” Remember, the receptionist will take note of your attitude and potentially tell the interviewer if he or she believes you acted rudely. This goes for anybody whom you meet at the organization, such as an assistant or cleaning person. Being positive and upbeat in your interactions with any individual you encounter can help you get things off on the right foot.

Exhibit Positive Body Language

Upon meeting your interviewer, remember your body language is just as important as your verbal communication. Be sure to make direct eye contact and shake the interviewer’s hand right away. It’s best to avoid having your cell phone out or any other devices that may distract you from giving the interviewer your full attention. You’ll also want to make sure to keep your hands out of your pockets and abstain from chewing gum or hard candy as this appears unprofessional and may prevent you from speaking clearly when answering questions.

Keep Your Initial Introduction Concise

When initially introducing yourself, be careful not to ramble or go on a long tangent. Instead, you’ll want to provide a brief summary of your experience and qualifications which you will elaborate on during the interview itself. The key to an effective initial introduction is to make a personal connection with the interviewer and show your enthusiasm for the job and organization. Once you establish some initial comradery, let the interviewer take the lead with his or her agenda.

The impression you make on a job interview is strongly determined by your ability to introduce yourself in a personal and welcoming way – even before the interview itself begins. By being conscious of your initial actions, you can positively influence the way an employer perceives you from the start.

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