Job interviews are just one of the many things in life that can be difficult to figure out. We’re all human so it’s sometimes hard to tell how an interviewer has perceived you. Did you make a positive impression? Will you get a call back? Did the interviewer think you were a good fit for the position? After any interview, it’s common to overthink your performance and harp on what you could have improved upon.

To ease your mind, here are some indicators that your interview went well.

The Interview Lasted Longer than 30 Minutes

An interview that lasts an hour or longer is generally a very good sign that you’re a candidate of high interest. Usually longer interviews are intended to get an in-depth look at a candidate and gather detailed information about their education, experience and expertise. Even if the interview seemed draining, an employer that takes a significant amount of time to ask you lengthy questions is an indicator that you’re being positively perceived. With that being said, some interviewers have a long list of standard questions they ask of every candidate, so unfortunately this alone does not reveal anything exceedingly extraordinary.

The Interview Involved Office Introductions

Any interview that goes beyond standard questioning and involves meeting other people at the company is always a good sign. Office introductions allow the interviewer to get their coworkers’ feedback about you which will help them make an informed hiring decision. It will also give the interviewer an opportunity to see how you interact with others and how you’d fit within the company’s culture. If you are introduced to others in the office or even given just a tour of the workplace, this generally means you’re being highly considered as a future member of the team. Take it as a huge compliment!

The Interviewer Responds Positively to Your Follow-Up

While you should always write a thank-you note after any interview, it’s not usually expected that an interviewer responds to your note. If your interviewer responds promptly and positively to your follow-up, you can feel comfortable that you made a memorable impression and are being considered for the position. For example, an interviewer who was impressed by you will likely say something to the effect of “Thank you for coming in today to meet with me, we will be in touch soon!”

At the end of the day, worrying about your interview performance won’t change anything. However, remembering the indicators listed above may ease your mind if you’re feeling anxious or uncertain about your interview performance.

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