Being successful in your career is not just about the efforts you make in your workplace to excel, but also how you spend your time outside the office. How you use your mind and energy when you’re not required to be “on” can significantly determine how well you advance your career and grow within your respective industry. Here are some of the ways in which you can use your free time to improve your career path:

Become an Active Reader

The importance of reading does not end after grade school, but is rather a lifelong skill that will give you a greater understanding of the world around you. Making a point to become an avid reader will broaden your mindset, introducing you to new concepts, thoughts and ideas. It will also help you build a greater vocabulary, improve your reading comprehension and enhance your written and spoken communication – all skills associated with professional excellence.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

To do well in your career for the long haul, the truth is that you’re never really done with school. Making a commitment to lifelong learning will allow you to continue growing professionally and acquiring new skills. Whether you take professional development seminars, group workshops or online classes, find a way to keep exploring the world around you. In many communities, there are even free classes or gatherings offered so never underestimate the resources available to you. In the process, you may even discover a new career interest or hobby!

Regularly Build New Relationships

Networking is not just for job-seekers, but for anyone with plans to grow their professional selves. Attending networking events that exist outside of standard work hours, such as weekend breakfasts or cocktail hours, will give you the chance to meet professionals you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Making a habit of building new relationships will open doors to new opportunities and expose you to news ways of thinking. The greater your network becomes, the more value you will add to your professional development and future career prospects.

Sometimes it’s the time you spend outside the workplace that can be most critical for your career. Make a point to evaluate how you’re spending your time outside of work and think about how you can use that time more wisely for your professional growth and development.

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