Do you feel as though your career growth has been stunted, despite efforts you’ve made to advance within your organization and industry? You’re not alone. It’s common to experience many trials and tribulations throughout your career, which can often feel like roadblocks in the way of success. The key is to gain the strength to overcome challenges that may come your way, and instead look at these challenges as opportunities.  And, sometimes the answers aren’t always clear. Here are three unconventional tips to help you harness your strengths and reach your career goals:

Take Some Risks

Unless you take some career development risks, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of achieving. Rather than wait for a promotion or more money to come your way, make action to accelerate your growth and get noticed. For example, consider taking on a new project at work or making a big presentation in front of your boss. Getting outside your comfort zone and taking occasional leaps of faith can reap great rewards.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

While you should never lie about your qualifications or credentials, there’s a lot to be said for exuding confidence on the outside – even when you’re not truly confident on the inside. Rather than let doubt or uncertainty take over, keeping a positive energy and mindset will help you stay motivated to keep plugging forward and live up to your fullest potential. Over time, you’ll find that you’ve developed a great level of confidence from within!

Have Fun

It’s easy to become so focused on your work that you forget to have fun in the process. The combination of work and fun can help you stay engaged in your career and live in the present moment. The more you can enjoy your work routine, the more you’ll improve your performance and the quality of your workplace relationships. You’ll also achieve a better work-life balance, as your physical and mental health will improve when you learn to balance work and play better.

Though these may not seem like the most traditional or obvious tips to improve your career success, taking some of the advice above will give you the momentum you need to reach your career summit, even when times are tough.

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