If you’ve met any highly acclaimed leaders, it’s easy to think that success is purely based on talent, drive and work performance. However, successful leaders often share some common traits that do not traditionally define success in the workplace. These qualities set these individuals apart from others and position them to thrive in all areas of their lives.

Here are five of the top qualities often possessed by successful individuals:


Being successful is the result of much more than working hard – it’s about being mindful about the work being performed. People who achieve success do not get lost in the details, but rather take their time to produce meaningful work that achieves results. Most importantly, successful people take the time to learn from their mistakes even in the most demanding situations, reflecting on how they can improve rather than simply jumping from one challenge to another.

Strong Communication Skills

Any amount of success requires a level of effective communication. Most successful people share strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills, being able to thoughtfully express themselves, delegate tasks and solve problems. In addition, much success is built upon the support of others and the ability to develop strong relationships with many different types of people.


There are very few overnight successes, as meaningful achievements often take years or even decades. Being successful requires a high level of patience and trust in the process, which will yield optimal results in the long run. Successful people know it’s better to let things move along naturally rather than force situations that may not be in their best interest.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or the ability to manage one’s emotions and the emotions of others, is highly critical to great achievement. Knowing how to work with multiple personalities is beneficial when interacting with different people and allows you to adjust your communication style as needed. Many successful leaders have a knack for working well with others which helps them get more accomplished.


Many successful individuals don’t take others in their life for granted and make a habit of expressing their gratitude daily. This keeps them grounded and centered, helping them to use their talents not just for their own benefit, but for the success of others as well.    

While they may not seem like the obvious choices at a first glance, these are some of the most notable qualities in successful people. By adapting the traits above, you will position yourself for greater achievements and improve your quality of life overall.

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