No organization likes it when its best employees quit and move on, but how many leaders take the time to really consider what affects employee retention at its root? To effectively improve employee retention rates and keep your top tier employees at your organization in the long-term, you must investigate the possible reasons for employee turnover. To start, here are three of the most common reasons why high-quality employees quit:

Lack of Work-Life Balance

High performing employees need time to reenergize and reboot to maintain optimal performance in the workplace. Hard-working employees who burn out and lack a positive balance between their work and home lives will be more inclined to quit and seek other employment opportunities that afford better flexibility. It’s important to evaluate your organization’s policies and scheduling expectations. If your employees are frequently working after hours, it’s fair to say that your workplace culture is not doing a good job to promote a healthy work-life balance.

Poor Management

The way employees are treated by their managers on a daily basis has a direct impact on their job satisfaction. Through private one-on-one employee meetings or surveys, you can get a sense of how employees feel about the interactions they have with their superiors. Addressing poor management before it gets out of hand is critical for improving communication among your team and ensuring that employees have positive relationships with their managers, paving the way for long-term growth within your organization.

Stingy Benefits

Going beyond salaries and really evaluating the benefits package you offer your employees is key. A generous benefits package which includes good health insurance, ample sick days and flexible hours can create high levels of job satisfaction – making it hard for your best employees to walk away. And remember, benefits don’t have to be large to be appreciated – even monthly happy hours can keep employees happy.

Don’t let your best employees slip through the cracks! The sooner you take action to keep your best talent, the more success will come your way.

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