Most of us are familiar with the dangers of cell phone usage while operating vehicles and machinery, but the dangers of other common distractions are often forgotten.

All warehouse workers in Dover should be educated about the risks of using headphones while operating machinery or vehicles in their work environments.

Headphones, commonly referred to as “ear buds,” can significantly impair a worker’s ability to hear surrounding noise – especially posing danger during circumstances in which a worker must be able to hear warning sounds.

There are many reasons to avoid wearing headphones in the workplace, the first and most important being risk of physical harm. Listening to headphones has all the same risks as distracted driving, especially with regard to moving vehicles and the chance of causing physical harm to others. Not only does listening to headphones cause harm to employees operating equipment and moving vehicles, but also to others in the surrounding work zone. This risk also applies to pedestrians who may be in the nearby area. In addition, loose headphones can easily become caught in machinery or pose an electrical hazard to pieces of metal.

In addition to the risks of physical harm, headphones can compromise a worker’s general alertness and concentration, which can easily cause mistakes on the job. The distraction caused by headphones can reduce productivity levels and take workers’ attention away from important tasks at hand. Often warehouse tasks require close attention and proper use of heavy machinery or vehicles, so it’s critical that workers are fully aware of their surroundings.

Being proactive about completely avoiding headphone use can help prevent injuries created by distractions. Additionally, becoming free of distractions will also improve your performance on the job and allow you to focus your full attention on your workplace responsibilities.

Do you feel unsafe in your current work environment?

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