If you work in a warehouse, there’s a good chance you’ve been instructed about the importance of on-site safety. And, if you haven’t, it’s in your best interest to establish your own personal standards for usage of personal communication devices that can easily cause harm to yourself and others on the job. Though cell phone usage is monitored at almost any company, it’s most critical that individuals who work at warehouses or as forklift drivers take extra precaution. Here’s an overview of some of the reasons why cell phone usage can create a dangerous distraction on the job:

Risk of Injury

Talking on your phone or texting when using machinery or operating a vehicle can be a huge distraction from your work, increasing the risk of you hurting yourself or a coworker. When performing on-site job-related tasks, you should completely avoid using your cell phone in any capacity that could cause even the most minor distraction. Answering calls, texting, checking social media or using the Internet are all activities that fall under dangerous cell phone usage. There are many instances in which workers cause traumatic injuries or even death to themselves or others due to cell phone distractions that could have easily been prevented.

Property Damage

Distracted cell phone usage is known to cause workers to accidentally misuse equipment or machinery, resulting in minor or major damage to workplace property. In addition, having a cell phone among hazardous chemicals or waste in a warehouse plant can post a threat to the safety of the work environment and cause permanent damage to the facility. Furthermore, the need to replace damaged property can have a major financial impact on your organization and possibly be at your expense.

Reduced Productivity

In addition to the safety and property damage risks, cell phone usage can have adverse effects on warehouse production levels and your own job performance. When you’re preoccupied on a cell phone, you’re neglecting the tasks and responsibilities required of you and letting other colleagues down. Additionally, you’ll be at risk for receiving job violations and possibly being suspended or fired from your company.

Failing to follow cell phone safety protocols and breaking workplace safety violations can have a negative impact on your job status, and most importantly, cause irreversible harm to others and your work environment. Make sure you’re aware of your organization’s safety procedures and always make safety your top priority on the job!

Do You Feel Unsafe in Your Current Workplace?

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