If you’re asked to assist with the onboarding process at your organization, it can sometimes be a challenge to establish a friendly relationship with new employees while still making sure they’re receiving proper training. Adhering to training procedures that allow new employees to feel comfortable asking questions and learn about your organization will help to foster an open and welcoming environment. Here are three tips that will help you onboard and develop positive relationships with new members of your team:

Remember the Small Things

It’s easy to forget that new employees need to learn every aspect of the organization, even the things that may seem small to an established employee. Think about the questions you may have if you were a new employee. Where are the restrooms? Is there an employee lounge? How do you use the photocopier? When you inform new employees of these types of smaller things, you will help to calm their nerves during their first week and make the transition into their new positions much easier.

Build a Sense of Community

When welcoming new employees, it’s important to implement aspects of company culture right away. This may include treating them to lunch during their first week or extending an invitation to a company happy hour. Making an effort to immediately include new employees in company-wide initiatives will establish a sense of trust and comradery, helping them to feel more comfortable in their new work environments.

Have a Positive Attitude Towards Team-Building Activities

When onboarding a group of employees, meaningful team-building activities can help both new and existing employees build relationships faster, as well as create an atmosphere of empowerment and trust. Examples of team-building activities may include a trivia game, outdoor ropes course or a hands-on, professionally facilitated workshop. Always have a positive attitude when engaging in team-building activities with new employees and try to address any concerns that may come up to the best of your abilities.

As an existing employee, your involvement in the onboarding process could make or break a new employee’s initial work experience at your organization. Helping to provide the most positive experiences possible will establish goodwill among your entire team, setting the foundation for positive working relationships.

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